ATELIER KOLLER - Liberate the kitchen, The Hague/NL

kitchen design © AK
Liberate the kitchen, The Hague/NL
What was once a small kitchen hidden under a mezzanine has become a modern, functional, open space complementing the adjacent bright and spacious living-dining area. [...]

summerhouse back garden © AK
Ready for the garden party, The Hague/NL

The 4-story mansion is situated in the Archipelbuurt neighborhood of The Hague, opposite a row of listed historical buildings. The owners of the house wanted to rearrange the garden completely. [...]

bathroom extension © AK
A Bathtub with a view, The Hague/NL
The owner wanted to expand the bathroom integrating a part of the existing terrasse. The owner wanted  to expand the bathroom integrating a part of the existing terrasse. A well placed bathtub becomes the key furniture in the new arrangement. [...]

extension master bedroom garden © AK
Sleeping in the garden, The Hague/NL
The apartment for this three-person household is situated on the ground floor of a brick residential building dating from the late 1960s. Atelier Koller put forth the idea of a full transformation, keeping only the closet, bathroom and toilet in their original places in the apartment.

living area © Luuk Smits
Making it tidy, The Hague/NL
The apartment on the first floor has a bow window on the street side which becomes a little balcony on the 3rd floor. The first floor is characterized by a long volume stretching from the street right through to the green courtyard with the private gardens. The second floor is used for sleeping and working rooms.  [...]

espace de bureau © JDA + AK
Modernization and extension - French school Lycée van Gogh, The Hague/NL
Atelier Koller and Jasper Deurloo Architect were able to win the consultation for the reorganization of the entrance and the creation of an administrative and financial center of the French school Vincent van Gogh in The Hague, The Netherlands. [...]

             espace de vie Rotterdam © AK
Creation of a new living space, Rotterdam/NL
In this apartment in the North of Rotterdam, the demising wall between the dining room and the kitchen was demolished in order to create a new space for cooking, eating and working with a central kitchen island. [...]

 mezzanine © Anne Wright
Construction of a mezzanine, The Hague/NL
The children's room is situated on the ground floor of a historical building in the Statenkwartier, an elegant residential quarter in The Hague. The room profits from a ceiling height of approximately 320 cm, which made it possible to install a mezzanine in the first place. [...]

espace de vie Den Haag © AK
Extension of the living space, The Hague/NL
By demolishing several demising walls in this apartment in the Segbroek quarter in De Hague an open loft-like floor plan was created filling the living spaces with a beautiful luminosity. [...]

media center ESH © AK
Refurbishment of the library and media center - European School The Hague/NL
The study aimed to elaborate the most efficient though informal layout for the equipment which needs to be accommodated in order to structure the space and to anticipate the future growth of the school. [...]

 salle de classe Lycée van Gogh © AK
Refurbishment of the service accommodation at the Lycee van Gogh, The Hague/NL
To conceive a new class room for 24 students at the Lycee van Gogh in the Hague, the adjacent service accommodation from 1994 needed to be redesigned. [...]

salle de réunion Lycée van Gogh © AK
Aménagement salle de réunion - Lycée Van Gogh, The Hague/NL
Pour des raisons fonctionnelles et esthétiques, le maître d’ouvrage souhaite un nouvel aménagement de cet espace pour y faire également des vidéoconférences. La salle doit servir aussi de salle de réception lors de rencontres avec les différents représentants de l'état français et des partenaires du lycée. Les murs peuvent donc servir d'expositions temporaires. [...]

amphithéâtre Lycée van Gogh © AK
Aménagement amphithéâtre - Lycée Van Gogh, The Hague/NL
The study presents a modernization of the existing auditorium of the Lycée van Gogh in The Hague, auditorium which is part of the new library and IT area designed by Atelier Koller. [...]


Modernization of residence of the Austrian Embassy, The Hague/NL
The multi-storey residence of the Austrian Embassy in The Hague is located in a prominent address near the train station "Den Haag Centraal". [...]

médiathéque LvG © HD Maatwerk Interieur
Mediatheque - French school Lycée van Gogh, The Hague/NL
For this interior project in the Lycée van Gogh in The Hague the former library and his annexes like the computer class room and several offices needed to be transformed into an inviting study environment that incoroperates digital education tools. [...]

cuisine Den Haag © AK
Refurbishment of a kitchen in The Hague/NL
The kitchen of this three room apartment in the city center of The Hague turned out to be very small in comparison with the generous layout of the adjacent living room. It did not correspond any more to the needs of the owner and was old and inefficient. The client wanted to have a newer and more functional kitchen, with more storage and working areas. [...]

hôtel de ville © Yaron Tam
Competition Hôtel de ville Gembloux/BE
The Belgium town of Gembloux is impeded in a city network between Brussels, Leuven, Namur and Charleroi, with all cities lying within a range of 45 km. In order to strengthen the city's position in this area our study proposed to re-qualify its city centre around the new Hôtel de Ville. [...]

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