ATELIER KOLLER - Moderation at the IFHP Summit 2015, Berlin

Michael Koller - Moderation at the IFHP Summit 2015, Berlin © IFHP

IFHP Summit 2015, Berlin, 12-13 November
The International Federation for Housing and Planning - Summit 2015 gathered the IFHP community in a discussion on the urgent topic of Housing Refugees and shared learnings from this year's 'Co-Act for Habitat' programme.

The Summit was held at the BBU (Verband Berlin-Brandenburgischer Wohnungsunternehmen E.V.) HQ in Berlin, kindly hosted by IFHP Council Member Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Hillebrand and sponsored by the developer BPD. Attendees were exposed to a variety of topics such as: housing refugees, the appropriate role of technology, and the experiences from this year’s learnings from local activities unfolded in the IFHP Co Act for Habitat 2015 programme.

Michael Koller © IFHP

Michael Koller, architect and journalist, based in the Netherlands moderated the afternoon session on: “Un-locking progressive thinking to tackle contemporary housing issues “. In this session Marius Grønning, Director of the Housing and Planning Association, (Norway [BOBY]) and IFHP Council Observer presented insights from an exploration on spatial segregation and housing policies in the Nordic countries.

“Today’s housing challenges in the Nordic context” © Marius Grønning

Parallel to this European perspective Bernardina Borra from Spontaneous City International (The Netherlands) and Renee Nycolaas from the IFHP Field Office in Porto Alegre (Brazil) presented the outcomes of the “Brazilian Informal Housing Upgrading Lab´ held in October 2015 in Porto Alegre.

“Brazilian co-operatives for informal housing upgrade” © Bernardina Borra, Renee Nycolaas

Both presentations and the following discussions and reflections made it clear that there is – both in Latin Amerika and in Northern Europe – a great need for affordable homes and a consequent urgency to give short term solutions and effective answers in relation to the production of housing. However, the uncertainty of the future with migration flows, demographic changes and economic crises advocate for great awareness of the long term impact of planning and policies in order to shape inclusive communities.

The summit was preceded by the Berlin LAB, held on November 11. It was organised in close collaboration between the IFHP, the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) and the Deutches Architektur Zentrum (DAZ). The discussions and presentations on affordable housing, collective culture and spaces of resistance in contemporary Berlin took place in the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum under the title: “the good, the bad and the market”

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