ATELIER KOLLER - LIFTING THE CURTAIN. Central European Architectural Networks, Venice Biennale 2014

Dear visitors of the Venice Biennale show “LIFTING THE CURTAIN. Central European Architectural Networks”, thank you for your continued interest in this important topic which has been on display in Venice in 2014 and is now on tour to many other European destinations.

After its successful premiere at the Architecture Biennale it has now been featured by the Austrian Association for Architecure (ÖGFA) in Vienna, Austria, where it can be visited until May 5th 2015 at the Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL) of the University of Applied Arts.

We are also proud to announce that the exhibition catalogue which has been published concurrent to the exhibition's tour start in Vienna is available now: 

Architekturnetzwerke in Mitteleuropa
Central European Architectural Networks

edited by Iris Meder, Azra Charbonnier, Suzanne Kříženecký, Gabriele Ruff
published by Müry Salzmann
160 pages, richly illustrated
German & English
€ 19,-
ISBN-10: 3990141163
ISBN-13: 978-3990141168

The catalogue is also available in specialty bookstores or can be ordered directly from us. Please drop us a line and we are happy to send you a copy as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile we thank you for supporting this important project on the study of modern and contemporary Central European architecture and look forward to hearing from you soon! 

With kind regards,
The Lifting the Curtain Team, Vienna
Iris Meder, Azra Charbonnier, Suzanne Kříženecký, Gabriele Ruff

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